Very disappointed in this lasagna. It was floating in sugo sauce that tasted like tomatoes and sugar, lots of sugar!
2017-Jul-29 08:23 PM

The best lasagna I have ever had and plenty of it
2017-Mar-01 01:16 PM

Unique and flavorful lasagna!! Excellent combination of flavors!!
2017-Feb-22 10:16 AM

Taste was good but the quantity was way too small for the price
2016-Nov-07 05:40 PM

Best lasagna I've ever had.
2016-Oct-02 04:23 PM

Sicilian sauce and plenty of cheese. Very good.
2016-Aug-30 07:25 PM

AMAZING! My favorite, even though there are other entrees here that are close!
2016-Mar-09 11:36 AM

AWESOME. Had this today for the first time. It is great!
2016-Mar-08 08:58 PM

The meat lasagna is SO good! Get it!
2016-Feb-26 12:57 PM

Delish! Sauce has a sweetness to it that is amazing!
2015-Dec-04 12:15 PM

Unbelievable Best Lasagna in Omaha!A touch Sweet and Savory
2015-Nov-17 12:09 PM

DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!Very good
2015-Aug-03 06:19 PM